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On his way to the big time Mt. Prospect artist ready for exhibition in the Big Apple

By Matt Arado Daily Herald Staff Writer

Posted on October 10, 2007

For a practicing artist, securing a spot in a New York City exhibition is similar to a screenwriter selling a script in Hollywood - it's the first step on the way to the big time.

Mount Prospect artist Thomas Fedro is about to take that step, with an exhibition next month at the Agora gallery in the SoHo section of New York.

Fedro, who grew up in Arlington Heights and moved to Mount Prospect four years ago, has already made a name for himself in and around Chicago. He was one of the artists involved in the city's Cows on Parade exhibit a few years ago, and his paintings have been featured at numerous gallery exhibitions in the city and suburbs.

But as much as he appreciates the success he's had here, Fedro can't wait for the upcoming exhibition in the Big Apple.

"It's the kind of exposure every artist dreams of," he said, sipping a glass of wine inside Retro Bistro, the Mount Prospect restaurant that has become something of a second home to him. "It's like being called to the major leagues."

Fedro's paintings come in two styles, he said. He describes his earlier work as "pop" art: brightly colored, energetic pictures that often feature images of musicians or musical instruments. His newer work is more abstract, though still marked by the use of vibrant color.

Fedro, a Rolling Meadows High School graduate and a music major in college, worked a number of jobs after earning his degree, including a stint with IBM doing computer graphics. Drawing and art, though, were always hobbies. He earned some money on the side copying Patrick Nagel paintings on the back of denim jackets and selling them to stores.

It was his wife, Alicia, who finally persuaded him to pursue painting more seriously.

"She told me to do my own thing," he said. "So I got a job bartending and waiting tables to pay the bills and started to paint."

Fedro has tended bar at Retro Bistro for about 10 years. He works there three or four nights a week, and spends his days painting in his basement studio. He estimates that he produces about two new pieces a week.

Much of his art hangs on the walls of Retro Bistro, where it's available for purchase. Art collectors can also check out Fedro's work on his Web site, www.fidostudio.com.

Fedro hopes that his New York exhibition will expose his work to a wider audience, but he said he's not about to forget the people in the city and suburbs who have supported him until now.

"People here at the restaurant and in this area have been very supportive," he said. "I have a lot of repeat customers, and I'm very grateful to them."

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Story posted Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Painting, Music Life-Long Labors of Love For Local Man of the Arts

By DENISE FLEISCHER Lifestyles Editor

Tom Fedro has loved art and music since he was first able to draw and hold an instrument.

Within the studio of this Mt. Prospect artist's home, you'll find creative and playful pop art collages and whimsical portraiture that have an addictive rhythm of their own.

Fedro's paintings come alive with bold colors and lines representing original works in abstract, cityscapes, fine art and landscapes. He's best known for his original abstract nudes, faces, wines and contemporary modern paintings.

"I've always drawn. I use to copy comics. I was also a music major and can play 12 instruments," said Fedro. "I even have a little music studio."

In the late 80's, he discovered the iconic art of Patrick Nagel and fell in love with the style in which he painted women: white faces, black hair and red lips. He translated his love for this style onto the backs of jean jackets and sold them at women's boutiques in Arlington Hts. and Woodfield Mall.

For a few years, retail stores began buying his work in bulk. He then started painting on canvases, experimenting with different colors and bold outlines in themed pop art collages. His subjects include hearts, buildings and instruments.

Over the years he's worked as a marketing assistant at IBM working on computer graphics. He also became a creative director for an advertising agency in Barrington. He was even hired as an insurance broker. When things were slow in the insurance business, Fedro became a waiter. At a Mt. Prospect restaurant, he met his wife who is a poet and writer.

"She saw my artwork and asked what are you doing everything else for," he said. "After that she supported my work and we got married."

Fedro set up a studio in the basement of his home. Shortly after he got a job at a bistro in Mt. Prospect. He created a number of murals and started hanging his original art throughout the restaurant. He also owned a gallery called Metaphors in Arlington Hts.

His paintings started selling well at the bistro and on the auction website eBay. Soon, he was shipping 300 canvases a year.

"I became partners with my friend, Gino Savarino, who I met on eBay and joined forces to start our own website, verybigart.com.

Today, Fedro enjoy five different styles of art, including his pop art series, which was inspired by Lichtenstein. He also idolizes Peter Max. He has two versions of his "Faces" series, featuring oblong faces and his most popular "Tres Chic." His cubist series highlights more muted colors in geometric representation. There's also a wine bottle series, home series, fiberboard sculpture and tribal masks.

"My next big goal is to participate in an art expo in New York to introduce my work to the corporate world, art dealers, collectors and corporate art galleries," he said.

Original art by Tom Fedro on Vango